Date: September 21, 2018

Venue: Elzenveld Conference Centre, Lange Gasthuisstraat 45, Antwerp, Belgium

The Honored Doctor and the Visiting Professor of Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Prof. Bert Schmelzer was the Chairman and the host of the XXXII Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (IAO-HNS) and the X Jubillee Marius Plouzhnikov Memorial Lecturing.

Professor Marius Plouzhnikov from Saint Petersburg set the impulse about forty years ago. Nowadays under the leadership of elected president of IAO-HNS George Tavartkiladze from Moscow IAO-HNS was integrated in the International Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies (IFOS). The ENT Department of the Pavlov University in Saint Petersburg under the leadership of Sergei Karpischenko and the tremendous help of Mrs. Elena Berezkina is also still the driving force of the international society and organizes the annual X Marius Plouzhnikov Memorial Lecturing and the biannual contest for young ORL doctors with participation of young colleagues from all over the world in Saint Petersburg where the candidates are judged and quoted by a jury of very experienced Academy-members from all over the world. Ten years passed since Prof. M.Plouzhnikiv has deceased. All his friends, colleagues and pupils treasure a good memory of him. And this meeting isan obvious demonstration of it.

The meeting was held in a nice place of the downtown Antwerp - Convention Center Elzenveld. More than 100 ENT doctors came to participate. Scientific Programme included four sessions, concerning significant ENT problems : cochlear implantation, ear, nose and larynx diseases. Prof. G. Tavartkiladze (Moscow), Dr. I. Srebniak (Kiev), Prof. P.Van de Heyning (Antwerp), Dr. P.Skarzynski (Warsaw), Dr. M.Lehnhardt (Vienna) and Prof. M. Boboshko (Saint Petersburg) delivered their lectures about the rehabilitation of patients after cochlear implantation. Prof. O. Borisenko (Kiev) and Prof. E.Offeciers shared with audience their experience in surgical treatment of chronic otitis, complicated with cholesteatoma.

Professors Eu. Kern (Buffalo), S. Karpischenko(Saint Petersburg), M.Jorissen (Leuven), C.Cingi (Eskisehir), R. Mosges( Cologne) , S.Vlaminck(Bruges), G.Piskunov( Moskow), M.Piemonte(Undine) demonstrated their unique experience in the different aspects of rhinology. Lecture of Prof. M. Ryabova concerned the application of lasers in contact mode in the treatment of laryngeal tumors. Lecture of Dr. W. Keustermans (Antwerp) was of great interest. He has managed to connected the knowledge of medicine and physics and showed how Computational Fluid Dynamics helps rhinologists to work out an optimal plan of surgery.

Closing the Meeting Prof. B. Schmelzer gave thanks to all the participants and pointed that there are no borders in medicine.

During the conference everybody welcomed Paul Van de Heyning (Antwerp,Belgium), Mark Jorissen (Leuven,Belgium), Stephan Vlaminck(Bruges,Belgium), Andrzei Zarowski (Antwerp,Belgium), Dilyana Vicheva (Plovdiv,Bulgaria), Sergey Kosyakov (Moscow, Russia), Eugenius Lesinskas (Vilnius, Lithuania) as new members ofIAO-HNS. The next IAO-HNS meeting 2019 will be organized in Udine, Italy by Academy member Prof. Marco Piemonte.

Next XI Marius Plouzhnikov Memorial Lecturing will be held in 2019, Moscow, Russia.

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