It was a holiday for everyone, which gave bright emotions, great mood and provided an opportunity to learn more about the traditions and customs of the people of different nationalities .

The students of Iran and Azerbaijan introduced the history and traditions of their countries, captivating everyone with the choreography of the national Azerbaijani dance. Evelina Jalilova (119th group) and Sara Sadigova (120th group) in bright national costumes from the choreographic ensemble "Khazar" caused a storm of applause with their gentle but very emotional performance of the "Girl's Dance". Students in bright national costumes from Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan introduced the color of their countries not only through national creativity, but also through an exhibition of national items and dishes prepared by the students themselves. True, not everyone managed to taste! There were a lot of people who wanted to get acquainted with the taste of oriental dishes. Students of Pavlov University are multi-talented! They were able to surprise from the very first minutes of their programs not only with multilingualism, colors of national costumes, but also with vocals!