Three Canadian clinical residents visited our department of Neurology, headed by the academician of  Russian Academy of Sciences A.A. Skoromets. This visit was organized as a part of scientific and technical exchange program.

Canadian guests were greeted by Rector of our University, Academician of  RAS S.F. Bagnenko, the Chairman of International relations department, Professor S.H. Al-Shukri, Head of the department of neurology, academician of RAS A.A. Skoromets. For educational purposes, residents visited the Department of Neurology, Institute of Human brain, City Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Department of Neuromuscular Diseases in City Multifunctional Hospital N. 2. The TV-conference with University of Toronto was held there. Canadian residents were listening to the lectures of leading specialists in various fields during their visit.

In general, Canadian residents were very satisfied with the time they spent in St.Petersburg. By the end of the visit, an updated draft of protocol of intentions was drawn up between  University of Toronto and our University.