«There is no other field of human knowledge, which could be capable of meeting the requirements of the mind and soul to such an extent that medicine can»

V.K. von Anrep,
The first Director of the Women's Medical Institute


Our  University  is an educational institution with rich historic traditions and a recognized school of thought that offers a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services; it is also one of the highest-rated research medical centers. Founded in 1897 as first Russian Medical Institute for Women, for more than 60 years it was known all over the world as the First Leningrad I.P. Pavlov Medical Institute. The present name, St Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University, was given to our University in 1994 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation

For all these years the University has been promoting medical science and maintaining public health. We prepare highly qualified specialists to improve methods of diagnostics and treatment and to develop new medical technologies.

The University contributes considerably to development of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in Russia and it is recognized in the World as a big center for training specialists in various medical areas. The University has a great scientific - teaching potential and has good relations with many Medical Schools and Institutions in different countries. Students being thought at St Petersburg State Medical University have a possibility to study on the modern level keeping the best traditions of old Russian Medical Schools.

The University is a State Educational Organization, having a state license and state accreditation from Russian Federation Ministry of Health. It is a juridical person having property in operations control, banking accounts. The University may realize property and personal non-property rights on its behalf and conclude agreements with legal entities and persons. The University has a round stamp with imprint of Russian Federation emblem, its own headed paper and other University symbols.

The stuff of the University includelecturers, medical professionals and researchers, who strive to follow the best traditions of Russian medical school of thought, ensuring high-quality medical education and patient care. But the most important part of their mission lies in maintaining and passing to new generations of doctors the great humanistic essence of medical profession.

If you wish to be a doctor and have decided to enter our University - you have made a correct choice.

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The internal regulations for students (approved by the decision of the Academic Council, protocol No. 5 of 12/25/2019) contains clause 4.3: each student, while on the territory of the University, is obliged to observe the ethics of business communication: to prevent manifestations of discrimination of personality on gender and social basis;

and also clause 4.4: in the classrooms and other structural divisions of the University, on the territory of the University, it is prohibited: to speak out and carry out actions of a discriminatory nature on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, language, citizenship, social and property and family status, political and religious preferences.


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