The work of the commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on the selection of participants in the "Priority 2030" program has started!!

By the end of September 2021 187 universities, admitted to participate in this federal program, will perform in front of the Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education programs for the development of scientific and research activities of universities for the next ten years. On September 10th, the first 13 universities of our country presented their programs.

Among the institutions, which were performing the program, were: national research institutes, a military academy and four medical universities of the country at once, including our university.

The Rectors were discussing the plan on development of medical education and how universities can change in the coming years, .

Our Rector, academician Sergey Bagnenko, is confident that in ten years, due to the introduction of gene and cell therapy, medicine will be able to cope with the such orphan (rare) diseases that are still difficult to treat.

“This direction will be science-intensive and very interesting for the generation of medical researchers who will come to the university in ten years,” he said.

It is difficult to disagree with the predictions of the Rector of Pavlov University, where scientists were the first in Russia to perform bone marrow transplantation. Our University remains among the medical institutes that write the history of the country's new medicine with their own research.

"We ensured maximum transparency and clarity of all selection procedures. 187 university teams will present their projects for defense. I am sure that the development principles that are in the strategic projects of universities will benefit both the university itself and the entire system of higher education, ”said Valery Falkov, head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.