Trade union bureau by students

The Trade union bureau by students of Primary trade union organization of academician I.P. Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University is the part of the Trade Union of Healthcare Workers of the Russian Federation.

The Trade union bureau is the main elected assembly of people that provides a social and legal support for students, and organizes their leisure activities.

 In the First Pavlov university the Trade union bureau takes part in all spheres of students activities by keeping the contact with administration of university for solving educational, social, housing, recreational and many others problems.

To join the Trade union fill out an application make a scan-copy and send it to our e-mail.


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The chairwoman of trade union bureau by students:

  Maria O. Bondarenko


The V.C. of trade union bureau for mass-organizational, social, legal, housing and internal affairs, the chairman of mass-organizational commission:

  Arsen G. Grigorian


The V.C. of trade union bureau for event-cultural, information and external affairs, the member of the permanent commission on youth affairs of the Central Committee of the Trade Union:

  Ilia V. Polovnikov


Members of trade union bureau:

  Angelina Yu. Kovalenko. V.C. of mass-organizational commission

  Daniil A. Andreev. Chairman of social and legal commission

  Polina L. Yapparova. V.C. of social and legal commission

  Nikolay N. Kozyura. Chairman of dormitories and amenities commission

  Yulia A. Nalobina. Chairwoman of event-cultural commission

  Anna S. Bergman. V.C. of event-cultural commission

  Ekaterina A. Pushkarskaya. Chairwoman of information commission

  Battal E. Osmanov. Member of information commission


Targets and goals

  • Social and legal support of students;
  • Financial aid of students in various situations;
  • Students’ assistance with dormitory problems;
  • Trainings for activists of Trade union;
  • Organization of students’ leisure activities;
  • Enlightenment and volunteering.