All manuscripts submitted to Pavlov University Publishing House journals are subject to single-anonymous (previously referred to as single-blind) peer review. In this model reviewers know who the authors of the article are, but the authors do not know the identities of the reviewers. Generally, comments from a minimum of two independent experts are required to ensure correct assessment of the article. The detail of the comments as well as the overall recommendations would be considered by the Editor when making a decision, but ultimate responsibility for acceptance or rejection lies with the Editor.

In accordance with COPE recommendations on ethical editing for Editors, Editors will assign any submissions they cannot handle (e.g. if they are the author of an article submitted to their own journal) to a member of the Editorial Board or a guest editor.

Confidentiality of peer review

It is a requirement to maintain confidentiality and integrity of the peer review and editorial decision-making process at all stages. Pavlov University Publishing House requires peer reviewers not to contact authors directly. All peer reviewers should consider the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers before accepting to review a manuscript and throughout the peer review process.

In the process of investigating an ethical query, the submitted manuscript, author, reviewer and any other person (including whistleblowers) involved will be treated in confidence. During an investigation it may be necessary for the Editor to share information with third parties, such as the ethics committee and/or the authors’ institution.