In connection with the 125th anniversary of Pavlov University (St. Petersburg, Russia), we invite you to take part in the outstanding, humanitarian project "PAVLOV UNIVERSITY TIME CAPSULE 2022-2122".

The time capsule will contain numerous objects of our era, reflecting all spheres of life of modern man.

In addition, we have collected biological samples of the environment and healthy volunteers to advance the science of the Future!

The modern world is going through a pandemic, wars, famine.

Good times will definitely come, the main thing is to believe and not lose hope.

Influence and change the future!


The purpose of creating “TC 2022-2122" is not only symbolic – to preserve the traditions and continuity of generations of doctors in St. Petersburg, but also scientific, sociological, cultural and historical. In addition, the implementation of the project will contribute to the popularity and growth of the academic reputation of Pavlov University as the guardian of medical traditions, which will confirm the social responsibility of the University and its contribution to society as a whole.


Important information!

Dear colleagues, friends!

In connection with the postponement of the date of finishing works and installation of communications in the building where the laying of the "Time Capsule of Pavlov University 2022-2122" was planned, at a meeting of the TOP-management of the Pavlov University N19 (on July 19, 2022), it was decided to postpone the date of the project implementation to the date of the festive opening of the building of the Clinical and Rehabilitation Center of Research Institute named after  R.M. Gorbacheva. The previously planned date was September 26, 2022.

Leave the date and year on the project symbols (date - September 26, year - 2022) unchanged.  A decision was made to organize the 26.09.2022 Artifact Exhibition "Pavlov University Time Capsule 2022-2122".



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