On September 28th, 2021 vaccination of foreign students of our University has started. The vaccination place is deployed in the hostel number 4 at Roentgen str, 10.

 Vaccination is carried out by Sputnik Light.  In order to minimize the danger to students, patients and doctors and ensure maximum comfort, the vaccination center is organized in a specially equipped room of the hostel No. 4. On September 28, 40 foreign students were vaccinated, and on September 29 it is planned to vaccinate another 70 people.  The end date of vaccination will be announced later.

 If a foreign student is vaccinated with another vaccine and has the appropriate documents, while observing the terms of vaccination, there is no need to have several vaccines at the same time.  Revaccination is possible after the expiration of the vaccine and the drop in the antibody titer.  All recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, contraindications are also taken into account.

 Vice-rector for international relations, professor Andrei Nikolaevich Yaitsky made an appeal to foreign students about vaccination:

 - Guys, today we started the vaccination, and it has three important points.  Firstly, this is made for you - so that you and your loved ones do not get sick;  secondly, the more vaccinated people we have, the faster the infection will go away.  Thirdly, there is another very important issue for medical students: you will be able to access patients without danger to them.  This will open the door to medical practice while you are studying.  In my opinion, it is very important, and our university, represented by the Rector Sergei Fedorovich Bagnenko, has found an opportunity to provide foreign students with vaccinations free of charge, thus removing the financial barrier for students.  The first 40 people were vaccinated without complications, and the process continues.  Therefore, those who are still thinking, please understand that you need to get vaccinated.  It is quite easy to do in our university.