On November 30, 2023, an online organizational meeting of the remote preparatory department for foreign citizens was held with the participation of Rector of Pavlov University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor S.F. Bagnenko, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Foreign Students, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.N. Yaitskiy, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Foreign Students (Dean of the Preparatory Department for Distance Learning Programs for Foreign Citizens) Ph.D. K.A. Khmelnitskaya, responsible for educational affairs at the department of general and bioorganic chemistry S.V. Ageev, Head of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, Associate Professor Ph.D. M.A. Korzhenevskaya, Head of the Russian language department N. 2, associate professor Ph.D. A.O. Vlasova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Foreign Students ,Ph.D, leading interpreter V.A. Gavrilina, head of the information and technical support department E.A.Korobenkov.

The online meeting was attended by students from 15 countries - Algeria, Belarus, Israel, India, Iran, Yemen, Kazakhstan, China, Colombia, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka. The online meeting was held in three languages ​​– Russian, English and Persian.

Rector S.F. Bagnenko performed a welcoming speech and noted the importance of preparing foreign students on preparatory department for selecting the best students when passing the entrance exams at Pavlov University. He also emphasized the importance of studying the Russian language for further education at the University and wished success in further education to foreign students. Vice-Rector for International Relations A.N. Yaitsky drew attention to the high requirements for students at our University, including foreign ones, and noted that high professional training allows the graduates to work in all countries of the world. Vice-Dean K.A. Khmelnitskaya made a presentation about history of our University. S.V. Ageev, spoke about the chemistry program being studied, about the requirements for the entrance exams in chemistry, about International Olympiad, in which foreign citizens can take part. A.O. Vlasova spoke in detail about the Russian language program and the requirements for the entrance exam in the Russian language for foreign citizens.
During the academic year, students will study the Russian language, chemistry, biology with teachers and professors of the University, at the end of the academic year they will take final exams in the specialized subjects, and upon successful training and passing the final exams, they will receive a certificate of completion of the remote preparatory courses for foreign citizens. A special group has been created in one of the messengers, where you can always be in touch with the dean and get answers to your questions.

The management of the preparatory department for distance learning programs for foreign citizens is carried out by:

Dean of the preparatory department

distance learning program for foreign citizens

Ph.D. Karina Anatolyevna Khmelnitskaya

Contact Information:
e-mail: pre-entrance@pspbgmu.ru
Phone: +7-921-895-68-69