On May 23,2023,  a visit to our University was made by the Scientific Adviser of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,  professor  Hadi Gudarzi.

Mr. Gudarzi said that he had graduated from Moscow State University, he is a professor in theoretical physics, was  teaching in Iran, and a year ago he was appointed as scientific adviser at the Iranian Embassy in Moscow.  His visit was organized in order to get acquainted with the Rector of our University.  The adviser was keenly interested in the peculiarities of teaching Iranian citizens at our University.  Vice-Rector for International Relations, A.N.  Yaitsky, said that about 170 students from Iran are currently studying at our University.  In the event of academic debts in one of the subjects, they are provided with an additional course for study, and with a large number of debts, they can be transferred to the preparatory department N. 2, where an individual plan is drawn up for them to study. After that, they can  retake tests and exams (until the elimination of academic debts).  Rector S.F.  Bagnenko emphasized that high-quality education of foreign citizens is one of the main priorities of the University, as graduates become the “visiting card” of our University in their countries.  The guests were presented with memorable souvenirs with the symbols of the University.