The meeting took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Rector of the University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, S.F. Bagnenko welcomed all the participants, then briefly spoke about the history of our University, in particular that it was founded in 1897, the University was the first in Europe where it became possible for women to receive higher medical education. Further, Sergey Fedorovich introduced foreign guests to some issues of organizing emergency medical care in our country and the main stages of its provision. It was noted that in recent years our country has made significant progress in optimizing emergency medical care, new specialized medical centers equipped with modern equipment, a network of perinatal centers have been created, which has led to a tenfold reduction in the infant mortality rate, an improvement in demographic indicators, including an increase in average life expectancy.

The Minister of Health and Children's Protection of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Douglas Mombeshora, expressed interest in establishing professional contacts and potential cooperation with our University, in particular, in the organization of emergency medical care training for specialists on the basis of our University.

In conclusion, Sergey Fedorovich Bagnenko presented the foreign guests the memorable souvenirs with the symbols of the University.