The meeting was attended by: Head of International Relations, Professor of Urology Department S.Y. Borovets; Dean of  Medical Faculty of Foreign Students, Associate Professor А.N. Yaitsky; Vice-Rector of  Central Southern University Zhou Ke Chao; Deputy Director of  International Department Gao Dong Bo; Deputy Director of the Institute of Liu Li Bin; Deputy Director of  Institute of Metal Powder Industry Yuan Te Chui; Deputy Director of Institute of Space Technology Xing Jian Jun and Deputy Director of Electromechanics Institute Yan Hong Zhi.

The visit was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Guests from the China were shown a video in English about our University. Chinese colleagues, in turn, spoke about their school in Changsha (Hunan Province), which was established in 2000 by merging three universities (including medical). At the moment, Central Southern University is one of the key developing educational institutions in China. The University has 4 scientific centers and 31 scientific institutes. International cooperation is actively developing, there are more than 60 international agreements, 15 of them are in medical field. Annually about 500 students participate in short-term internships abroad.

Both sides expressed interest in developing bilateral cooperation in scientific, educational and therapeutic fields and exchanged the drafts of protocol of intentions.

 Also, an excursion to urology department was organized for Chinese guests.