The conference program consisted of a number of plenary sessions, poster presentations on topical issues of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental interaction of specialists based on an integrated, biopsychosocial approach in the system of medical rehabilitation in neurology, neurosurgery, and other areas of health care.  

 The event is aimed at improving mutual understanding and increasing the effectiveness of interdisciplinary interaction between medical psychologists and other specialists (doctors, speech therapists, social work specialists, etc.) in the medical rehabilitation system. It is also important to strengthen the cooperation and share experience with foreign colleagues.  Presentation and discussion of the most advanced, modern and scientifically based technologies and rehabilitation programs for patients with aphasia were held durint this event.

 On the third, final day of the conference, a section of the Student Scientific Society and a competition for scientific reports of young scientists took place;  the traditional interuniversity communication battles and the intellectual quiz "Games of the Mind" were organized as well.