Material - bronze.  The base is marble.

The memorial plaque consists of 10 interconnected parts.

Two plates - a background bas-relief, are made of bronze, each measuring 340x340 mm.

On the surface of which there is a background bas-relief (letters, numbers, signs, images of animals, parts of the skeleton, medical equipment).

The height of the background relief is up to 5 mm.

Gears made of bronze are fixed on the background bas-relief.

Gears - 7 pieces, diameter 123 mm, thickness 6-8 mm.

The gears are attached to the plates by soldering and screw connection.

The main element of the plaque

 Gear,widespread in international heraldry, represents technical and scientific progress, modernization.


1- Technical and scientific progress

2-Seven gears are linked together by a gear train - they symbolize the connection of events that follow one from the other.

1897 year- foundation of the University - 125th anniversary - the logo of the TCP project - ½ of the TCP medal - the passage of time on planet Earth - the date of the TCP opening.

On the left half of the memorial plaque there is an image of the discoveries of the late 19th and early 20th centuries*

Stereotaxis 1908. First X-ray 1895. Experiments by I.P. Pavlov  in 1908. Electrocardiography 1902.

On the right half of the memorial plaque there is an image of the discoveries of the late 20th and early 21st centuries*

Telemedicine 2010. Gene Editing 2012. Robotic Surgery 2000.

Vaccine "Sputnik-V" 2020.


All images are copies from original publications, patents or invention manuals.

Encrypted message

A letter of the Russian alphabet is applied to each tooth of the gear.  If you mentally turn the gear by 1 division (by 1 click), then  it will be possible to read the words by the letters that are located in the upper position - a message to descendants.  Taking into account the fact that gears 1,3,5,7 rotate clockwise, and 2,4,6 counterclockwise.

We express our gratitude to our friends for donations for the manufacture of the memorial plaque!

"Nova Prime Medica" is a leading distributor of medical equipment with the highest level of service.

Personal gratitude to the CEO of "Nova Prime Medica" Evgeny Filichkin.

We express our gratitude to our friends for the free production of the marble base for the memorial plaque!

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