The Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted an international scientific and practical conference "Interdisciplinary approach to diseases of the head and neck." More than 150 specialists from leading medical universities in Russia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan discussed head and neck diseases, as well as the involvement of young researchers in scientific activities and the effective use of their potential.

Rector of our University Sergey Bagnenko highly appreciated the scientific and pedagogical potential of Samarkand Institute and expressed readiness for cooperation in training qualified personnel and further development of scientific potential. The Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Abdukhakim Khodjiboev also signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Samarkand State Medical Institute and Pavlov University. According to the memorandum, the parties will continue to cooperate in the field of exchange of information and specialists, the development of academic mobility of teachers and students, as well as joint research, scientific conferences and seminars.

At the end of the scientific-practical conference, the Minister of Health Abdukhakim Khodzhibaev and Sergey Bagnenko visited the new educational building.