Interview with Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, professor Yaremenko A.I.

On March 16th, during the meeting of the Academic Council, it was decided to transfer our students to distance learning. The University became empty, most of the conferences were canceled, some were held online.

Here you can find small interview with professor Yaremenko:

 - What tasks did the University management have to face during the organisation of distance learning process?

 A huge number of different problems. Fortunately, the University has had some experience in distance learning before, so we had to solve two big problems - students and teachers. At the first stage, we equipped rooms for lecturing. It gave us the opportunity to choose a platform for webinars in a week. At present, lectures and webinars are held remotely. We are actively preparing for the exams.

 - What measures, in addition to switching to online mode, were taken in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus at the University?

 Safety measures were taken for those,who are living in dormitories: isolators for people with flu symptoms were created, foreign citizens , who were coming back from vacation, were barrier-checked, and body temperature was monitored daily.

 - In the official group of our University "Vkontakte", students left comments that the new lecture format is very convenient. Is it possible that in the future the University will use not only traditional form of education, but distance learning also?

 Yes, we plan to maintain this form of lecturing. I think that the amount of online lectures will reach 70%.

 - If students fail to accomplish study plan in time, will the full-time classes continue in the summer? In other words, will there be any vacation?

 Vacations, of course, will take place. We hope that all will be done in time.

 - Are students of our university involved to help doctors in the fight against coronavirus infection?

 So far we have trained more than 80 volunteers to fight the infection, they passed the exam for admission to medical activities. If necessary, the expansion of volunteer units is also possible.

 - How does the implementation of non-working weeks affect the functioning of the University? Do teachers continue to work?

 All teachers switched to online work. Many of them use their own computers. Of course, they miss their colleagues.