On the occasion of 125th anniversary of Pavlov University (St.Petersburg, Russia), it is our privilege to participate at the great humanitarian Project “Time Capsule 2022-2122 of the Pavlov University”.

The time capsule will contain numerous objects from our age that reflect all spheres of modern human being and everyday lifestyle.


Moreover, we are collecting biological materials from the environment and from healthy volunteers, in order to promote future science advancements. 

We ask You, therefore, to participate in our Project by writing to our address a Letter of Response.  This letter will be also placed in the Time Capsule along with your portrait, as a message to descendants of the most influential people of the early 21st century. The Time Capsule will provide secure storage of your message over 100 years.

Modern world suffers of pandemics, wars, hunger. Just in such hard times, we ask You to write and submit a few lines for the future generations. However, good times will surely come. The main thing is to believe and not to lose hope. 

Influence and change the future!

Moreover, we ask You in this difficult time to write a few lines for our descendants and send it to us.

Your message could be posted in different ways:

1)Write a paper copy of Your Letter, put the date, sign it, then make a photo of the Letter and send it to the following address: pavlovuni2122@1spbgmu.ru

2)Write the letter on the paper, put the date, sign it, and send it per ordinary mail to the following address:

197022 RussiaSaint Petersburg,

L'va Tolstogo str. 6-8

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Goloshchapov Oleg

Project "Pavlov's Time Capsule 2022-2122"

Russian version