Happy students' Day-2021!
Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Healthcare of Russia:
I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Students - Tatyana's Day! The student years are a very significant stage in life, the beginning of the path to the profession, the time of immersion in the traditions of medicine, acquiring knowledge and skills, choosing a sphere of interest and a medical specialty. The medical education system in our country has been proving its effectiveness for centuries. During the pandemic, thanks to the use of modern digital technologies, the activities of medical and pharmaceutical universities did not stop, providing a safe learning environment for the health of students and teachers. During this difficult period, the medical worker became a truly national hero and took a high place in society. Today, many of you are actively involved in providing medical care to citizens, helping as volunteers and thereby showing your responsibility, desire for knowledge and experience, and dedication to your chosen specialty! I congratulate all of you  and wish you to remain interested in medicine and strive for self-improvement! Happiness, health, successful studies and all the best!
Sergey Bagnenko, Rector of our University:
Student time is wonderful! New knowledge and discoveries, new friends with whom you can go through your whole life, real teachers and mentors. Your student success is the key to your future success, the key to the success of the whole country. Studying, especially in the medical specialty, takes a lifetime. You have chosen a difficult path in life - to be a doctor, but a worthy and important path. The past year has set a number of challenging tasks for all of us. I am glad that many of you, who have not yet become certified specialists, have already actively participated in the fight against the pandemic, along with medical workers throughout the country and the world. This is a great exam for all of us, and the students of our University pass it well and perfectly. I wish you to continue bearing the glorious name of our University with honor! Health to you and your family and friends! Success in everything!

Pavlov University took 9th place in Russian universities' ranking!