On behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, I congratulate you with the beginning of the new academic year! 

 First of all, I express my gratitude to those students, residents, graduate students and teachers who, in this difficult time for us, proved their dedication to the profession, saved human lives in a pandemic, and are ready for the beginning of the new academic year to continue their education and work. Let this be the best example for our freshmen, who have chosen a difficult life path and the best profession in the world at the same time!

 Today it's of paramount importance for state  to improve the health care system, introducing innovative technologies and modern achievements of medical science into clinical practice. And soon you will have to introduce these technologies and practices, improve the quality and availability of medical care. Therefore, it is extremely important to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills that will help you in profession! 

 I wish everyone fruitful study time and work, as well as good health!