Graduation seasons as a tradition of the end of one’s academic journey are always the dream of every student, parent, guardian and each individual institution-most especially the pomp display of gowns, caps and sashes and the relief that comes with finishing school.

For a Medical school, graduation is not just a celebration but the expression of joy and relief of the long years of school coupled with its challenges. Unlike traditional graduations, this year 2020 was quite phenomenal- especially, not to talk of the pandemic still hanging around, the COVID 19.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t allow the pandemic to steal our joy of celebrating with teachers, parents, friends and loved ones. With strict epidemiological measures put in place (obligatory masks and gloves), we were sure to have a good time on 26th June,2020 at the forecourt of Building 30.

Starting with an hour or more of pre-photo sessions at different places on university campus, the ceremony was officially commenced. Speeches and addresses from the Rector, Deans and Heads of Faculties were heard.

Then came the moment of presentation of awards to the three Gold Medalists: Alicia Agyemang-Sarpong, Aliev Parviz Natig Oglu and Polina Burdina- amidst loud cheers and applauses! This was followed with the presentation of Diplomas ‘Krasniy diploma’, and performances from the students.

The Valedictorian of Class of 2020 and a Gold Medalist 2020, Alicia Agyemang-Sarpong also delivered her speech recounting on their journey in the last seven years, the loss of their colleague Mohammed Alhawaj to COVID-19 and an appreciation to the University, Deans, Teachers, Workers, Families and friends. The Head prefects ‘Starosta’ of Year 6 K. Rudenko and A. Titova also expressed words of appreciation to the university.

The memorable recitation of The Hippocratic Oath, a tradition observed at every medical school graduation was led by Oglu Aliev Parviz Nartig and Polina Burdina. The program ended with smiles and joy on the faces of the Graduands as well as the invited guests.

On 29th June 2020, diplomas ‘Siniy diplomas’ were awarded to the remaining students of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics and Adaptative Physical Education in Buildings 30 and 1.

Despite all the challenges, we made it through!

Congratulations to Class of 2020, we did it!

Follow the graduation ceremony on youtube