Full name

Year of graduation



Averbakh Ilya Alexandrovich

1958 y.

Soviet film director, screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia.


28.07.1934 – 11.01.1986 

Aksyonov Vasily Pavlovich

1956 y.

Soviet and Russian writer.


20.08.1932 – 6.07.2009



Baindurashvili Aleksey Georgievich

1971 y.

Doctor of Science, Director of Research children's Orthopedic Institute, named after  G.I.Turner


Bekhtereva Natalya Petrovna

1947 y.

Soviet and Russian neurophysiologist, a major brain researcher, Doctor of Science, professor. In 1990-2008 – Scientific director of Institute of Human Brain of Russian Academy of Sciences.

7.07.1924 – 22.06.2008


Bock Sergey Yurievich


Famous TV-showman, journalist.

Bonner Elena Georgievna


Soviet and Russian public figure, human rights activist, dissident, publicist.


Vasilyeva Anna Vladimirovna

1995 y.

Doctor of Science, leading scientific researcher of the department for treatment of borderline mental disorders and psychotherapy, the head of international department in St.Petersburg Psychoneurological Research Institute named after V.M. Bekhterev

Velihan Sona Ibrahim gizi

1908 y.

Azerbaijan Soviet ophthalmologist, Doctor of Science, professor, Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan SSR. The first Azerbaijan woman, who received a doctor's diploma. She graduated from St.Petersburg Women's Medical Institute in 1908.

19.06.1883 – .04.1982 

Zilber Anatoly Petrovich


Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Academician of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Academy of Security, Defense and Law of Russian Federation.

Honored Specialist of Higher Professional Education in Russian Federation, People's Doctor of Karelia Republic, Visiting Professor of Harvard and South-California Universities (USA), Honorary Professor of Khorezm University (Uzbekistan), Honorary Member of the Board of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators Association of Russia, Honorary Member of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators Association of Russia.

He was awarded the Order of Friendship (1998) and Honor (2006), the Order of Hippocrates, medals "For Outstanding Achievements in Intensive Care" (2004), "For Strengthening the Authority of Russian Science" (2007), Gold A.L. Chizhevsky Medal "For Professionalism and Business reputation "(2008), the Lomonosov Medal (2012), the golden sign"Ibi Victoria ubi Concordia"(2012), the Commemorative Medal named after the Academician of RAS V.Negovsky (2013).

The main his achievement is Petrozavodsk School of Critical and Respiratory Medicine.

Kokhanenko Nikolay Yurievich


Professor, Doctor of Science, Head of Departmental Surgery, named after Professor A.A Rusanov in St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University.

Member of the International Association of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeons, the Association of Surgeons of St. Petersburg, the Pirogov Surgical Society, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences

Lynets Yuri Pavlovich

1981 y.

 Chief physician of the Alexander Hospital


Nakatis Yakov Alexandrovich

1973 y.

Doctor of Sciences, Chief Physician of Clinical Hospital №122 named. L.G. Sokolov.

Member of the Board of Russian Society of Rhinologists.

Member of St. Petersburg English Assembly.

Rosenbaum Alexander Yakovlevich

1974 y.

Soviet and Russian author-performer, poet, musician and composer. Honored Artist of Russia. People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Selivanov Evgeny Alekseevich


Honored Scientist of Russia, Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor, Chief Hematologist - Transfusiologist of Health Care Ministry of Russian Federation, Director of the Russian Research Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology.

Member of the International Academy of Informatization, Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, International Academy of Refrigeration.

19.11.1945. – 31.10.2012


Natalia Nikolaevna

1972 y.

Director of the Department of High-Tech Medical Care of Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of Russian Federation since August 2008, Ph.D. in Economics, current State Councilor of Russian Federation.

Tochilov Vladimir Antonovich


Doctor of Science, Professor of Psychiatry Department, North-Western State Medical University named after. I.I. Mechnikov

Shatz Mikhail Grigorievich


Soviet and Russian TV showman, humorist, actor of KVN (Club of funny and inventive), theater and cinema.

Schneider Yuri Alexandrovich

1979 y.


Chief Physician, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Science,  laureate of the  Burakovsky prize.

The Federal Center for High Medical Technologies of the Russian Ministry of Health Care (Kaliningrad)

Fedotov Yuri Nikolaevich


Director of University Hospital in St.Petersburg State University of Russian Ministry of Health Care, doctor of the highest qualification category, Doctor of Science, Honored Doctor of Russia.

Chulaki Mikhail Mikhailovich

1968 y.

Soviet writer and publicist.

25.02.1941 – 21.08.2002

Yakovlev Alexey Avenirovich

1978 y.


Professor, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Venereology of St. Petersburg University, Chief Physician in the Clinical Infectious Hospital, named after S.P. Botkin.

Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation. Member of the European Association of Gastroenterologists, member of the Society for Immunology and Immunorehabilitation (EASL), member of the methodological commission of the Ministry of Health Care for Infectious Diseases, including HIV.



Nina Grigoryevna

1948 y.

She was the head of therapeutic and pulmonology department in the Alexander hospital.

Davydov Sergey Alexandrovich



He was the chief therapist in the Ministry of Health Care in Karelia.

Egoshchenko Nelly Fedorovna


She was the head physician of outpatient department of the Academy of Sciences during 15 years.