I am grateful to God for the last 7 years of my studies in this prestigious University-First Pavlov St Petersburg State Medical University. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience -- from Preparatory course through to medical school.
As I complete my medical education and as an aspiring Neurosurgeon, I must confess I am privileged to have had great tutelage under one of the best yet smartest professors/teachers, and I can tell already I have laid a strong foundation for the future that lies ahead. Upon completion, I look forward in pursuing a career in Neurosurgery to give back to my home community in Ghana.
My respect and profound gratitude to the Rector, University Council, all professors/teachers of our University. Special thanks to the Pro-Rector A.N Yaitsky, Professors N. A. Philippova, A.A Bistrova, O.O Bolshikova, S.Y Dvoretskiy, A.Y Zosimovskiy, A.G Dyachkov, N.V Shuleshova and E.N. Schimdt, M.V Kriventsova and I.V Koshits; and to my Research supervisors- Prof M.E Kolpakova, A.Y Timonin and A.A Yakovleva.
For my clinical clerkships, much thanks to Elideth Gordillo, Brenda Charles, Drs. Brian Dalm, Victor Ankoma-Sey, Mohammed El-Beheary and Global Health, all of Houston, Texas-USA; and to the Neurosurgery Department of KlinikumZentrum, Dortmund-Germany.
To my amazing mother, Charity and siblings-Benedict, Edmund and Kezia as well as Dr Kofi Sarfo, thanks for always supporting me. To friends and colleagues, I am grateful as well.