This year, due to the restrictions regime, the main format of the festival was supplemented with an online program. The organizer of this event is the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, the Memorial Museum "Raznochinny Petersburg" and the Citywide Center for Theory and Practice of Museum Affairs. 


 Each year the number of participants is growing - in 2011 there were only 15 museums, in 2020 there are already 50 of them. Within the framework of the Forum, small museums are becoming more accessible for residents and visitors of the city, because many of them are difficult to visit at other times. This year our museum took part in the festival for 7th time. For us, this is an opportunity to participate in round tables and a professional exchange of views with colleagues from other museums. Strengthening links between museums creates an incentive for joint projects. Thus, over the years of participation in the forum, our museum has developed a number of joint events and exhibitions with colleagues from other small museums. 


Every year, events are united by a relevant topic, which allows museums to reveal new facets of their collection. In 2020, the Forum is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Therefore, each museum has included in its program a thematic event dedicated to this important topic. Especially for the Forum, our museum has prepared a tour related to siege. The curator of museum items Svetlana Viktorovna Shelygova conducted a virtual tour "1LMI: the city and the front", in which she described in detail how the institute lived during the war years.


 Anatomical Hermitage also took part in forum. The exposition manager Viktoria Aleksandrovna Gavrilina held a virtual tour for the Forum participants, in which she emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle and showed models of healthy organs and organs with diseases. The most exciting exhibits of the excursion were the human embryo at different stages of maturation, specimen created by the method of plastination and the hall of X-ray images.