Senior pupils had the opportunity to see the life of medical university during 3 days. This event was held in the city for the 4th time with support of the Committee for Science and the Higher School of St. Petersburg.

Participants visited "Anatomical Hermitage" on the first day of festival. The exposition manager Victoria Gavrilina showed the smoker's lungs and lungs without pathology, human embryos at different stages of development and other curious exhibits. The visitors even managed to hold plastination organs in their hands and talk about their functions.

On March 25th, the guests of the festival visited Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry, where they were introduced to the latest research in this area. The children were able to see the practical work of chemists in the laboratory of biomedical materials science. Another interesting part of excursion was demonstration of chemical experiments under the leadership of S.V. Ageev.

The final event within the framework of the festival was held at the Museum of the History of Medicine. During the "Profession-doctor" excursion, children found out how the first listeners studied and how modern students study now, looked at the tools of doctors of different eras and asked questions about admission. After the "theoretical" part, the guys had the opportunity to practice providing first aid.

During the festival events, we tried to show medicine from different sides and, we hope, helped the participants to make a choice about their future profession.