ENT specialists from Finland visited our University on 13th of February 2020.

Our University hosted a seminar organized by the staff of ENT department in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

The Finnish delegation consisted of : professor Antti Makitie, Head of ENT Department, Teemu Kinnari, Clinical Lecturer , Petra Pietarinen, Clinical Lecturer , Satu Janhunen, Clinical Nurse. From Russian side the meeting was attended by Rector, professor S.F. Bagnenko, Vice-Rector for International Relations, professor A.N. Yaitsky, Head of the Department of International Relations S.Y. Borovets, Head of  ENT Department, professor S.A. Karpishchenko, Leading translator of the Department of External Relations V.A. Gavrilina.

Rector S.F. Bagnenko welcomed the guests, told about the history of our University. Professor S.A. Karpishchenko announced that he had been working with Finnish colleagues for five years: this work included scientific publications and participation in conferences, congresses, and round tables discussion. Mutual cooperation is carried out with the participation of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden). Finnish colleagues expressed interest in working together with Pavlov University  in the field of oncology and ENT. The parties exchanged contact information and souvenirs. After official meeting in Rector’s office the leading translator of the department of External Relations Victoria Gavrilina gave a guided tour for guests from Finland. Excursion was held in “Anatomical Hermitage” (museum exposition of clinical anatomy department).


After excursion a scientific seminar was held in our University, which was attended by employees and students of ENT Department, as well as by invited doctors from other institutions, a total amount was 65 people. The seminar was led by the Head of ENT department, professor S.A. Karpishchenko. Firstly, the foreign guests watched a film about our University, after which they gave lectures. The conference was held in Russian and English. Professor Antti Makitie devoted his report to the treatment of head and neck cancers in the Scandinavian countries. He gave some interesting facts: for 5.5 million people in Finland there are 349 ENT specialists (211 men and 138 women). 65% work in hospitals, 25% conduct private practice, 10% are non-practicing specialists (administrative employees, teachers). But 83% of all doctors combine their main work with private practice! The professor also cited facts that every year in Finland there is an increase in patients with head and neck tumors (250-280 people). A similar trend was noted in other countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland). In 1989, the Scandinavian Society for Head and Neck Cancer (SSHNO) was established in Turku (Finland). The purpose of this society is the study of cancer, the search for new modern methods of early diagnosis and treatment. In addition, close communication of specialists from different countries allows the most effective implementation of innovative methods in medical practice.

Clinical teacher Teemu Kinnari spoke about the possibilities for diagnosing and treating diseases of the larynx on an outpatient basis. In the report, he showed methods for diagnosing various diseases of the larynx - flexible fibrolaryngoscopy, stroboscopy, biopsy. All manipulations were performed on an outpatient basis, under local application anesthesia, patients did not experience discomfort during the manipulations. High-resolution cameras allow you to see all sections of the larynx and make the most accurate research. In addition, the speaker demonstrated several surgeries - injection microlaryngoplasty, removal of laryngeal neoplasms. Both lectures aroused interest and a large number of questions from the participants of the seminar. A fruitful discussion took place afterwards.

Our ENT department presented two lectures in English. Associate Professor M.Yu. Ulupov devoted his speech to benign formations of the pharynx and larynx, and assistant E.V. Boloznev  gave a lecture on removal of the frontal sinus osteomas using a diode laser. The topics of these lectures were not chosen by chance: the authors published the results of the above mentioned studies in leading European journals in their specialty. At the end of the seminar, the participants asked the lecturers different questions.