Implementation of the Doctor-GoPro-2022 project

“The goal of the project “DOCTOR 2022-GoPro”. This is the first project in the world that will enable the doctor of the future to live a few hours of life through the eyes of the doctor of 2022. So that the viewer is deeply immersed in our time with our level of medicine, our problems . The project will assess the qualifications and professionalism, the working conditions of a Russian doctor in 2022. In addition, descendants will be able to evaluate the attitude towards patients and the relationship between colleagues in 2021-2022.”

What are we filming? What will be interesting in 2122? Everything!!!

  • Morning visits to patients
  • Morning conferences
  • Detours, councils
  • Filling out appointment sheets, medical records, documentation, etc.
  • Working with QMS
  • Patient Discussion
  • Patient reception
  • Operations
  • Medical manipulations
  • Work in the staff room
  • Conversations in the intern's room (all conversations on medical and everyday topics, jokes, anecdotes, will be interesting)
  • Lectures
  • ALL nursing manipulations (taking blood for analysis, labeling tubes, sending by pneumomail, placing a gastric tube, preparing an infusion, working with infusion pumps, working with medical devices, preparing a patient for surgery, etc.)
  • Work in the treatment room
  • Working in the operating room
  • Work in nursing

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