On several pages of "Pulse" for applicants, you can get acquainted with : greeting speech of the Rector Sergey Fedorovich Bagnenko, find out a few facts about the University, find a list of our faculties, and also learn about the social life of students.

A separate part is devoted to detailed instructions for entering our University in 2021:
-for higher education programs (for citizens of the Russian Federation - this is a bachelor's degree, a specialty and a master's degree, for foreign citizens - a specialty);
-for secondary vocational education programs (medical college of the Institute of Nursing Education) for citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens;
-for the preparatory department for citizens of the Russian Federation;
-for the preparatory department for foreign citizens.

Here you will also find the main dates of the admission commission in 2021, the number of places for admission, the form of entrance exams conducted by the University independently, and a list of required documents.

The printed "Pulse" for applicants can be borrowed from our office (building 2, entrance to the "Cafe"). The electronic version of "Pulse" is posted on the official website of University: https://www.1spbgmu.ru/ru/universitet/press-tsentr/izdaniya/puls