Dear students, ex and present!

I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Students!

Student life is one of the most memorable stages in life: it is time for new knowledge and horizons, the first great successes, strong friendship for many years.  Despite all the brightness and diversity of student life, sometimes it can be difficult, especially for students at a medical university, but the title of a medical student becomes all the more proud.

Go for it, make your wildest dreams come true, set the most ambitious goals for yourself, but most importantly, keep the warm memory of the University for many years to come!  Let the knowledge and experience gained within the walls of Pavlov University, become the guarantor of your successful future!  We are proud of you and your achievements, our students and graduates, and the doors of alma mater are always open for you!

Happy holiday!

Sergey Fedorovich Bagnenko,

Rector of University, 

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor