Dear students, colleagues, friends!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on Russian Students' Day!

You are living through some of the most significant and eventful years in the life of any person - your memory will forever preserve the knowledge and skills acquired at the university, and your heart will respond to warm memories of being a student even after decades.

You, the young, active generation, are the future not only of our University, but also of domestic medicine and science. May you be fueled by an irrepressible desire for something new, enthusiasm and ambition, patience and diligence on this difficult path.

May your friendship with your classmates last for many years, and may your love for your chosen work last forever. Believe in yourself and in your strengths, because the knowledge and experience gained at Pavlov University will be a strong basis for your successful future and the achievement of all your goals.

Sincerely yours,
S.F. Bagnenko