Congratulations to medical students from Minister of Health of Russia Mikhail Murashko: 

Dear friends!

I congratulate all students, teachers and employees of medical and pharmaceutical universities with Student's Day - Tatyana's Day!

Student years are very happy years, but also the most responsible ones. Some people remember them as the best time of life, when every day a new, interesting and extremely important thing opens up - the first knowledge is formed in the world's best profession - medicine.

Medicine has many specialties and areas: from molecular biology, genetics to outpatient therapy. Everyone finds his own way in it. But the main thing is to remember Hippocrates' words: to treat not a disease, but a patient.

Dear future colleagues! 

I wish you not to  lose interest in new knowledge, love medicine, respect patients and colleagues. May your chosen path be always a matter of pride. 

I wish you health and all the best!