Only 120 people and for 100 years!

We are starting the implementation of the project to form the Biobank of 2022.

Only 120 volunteers are expected to participate in the project!

What is it for?

We plan to provide the researchers of 2122 with material for study, since new models, parameters and research methods will definitely appear that are inaccessible to our contemporaries. The material for the study will be of interest to specialists in reproductive cloning, microbiology, proteomics, virology, medicine, genetics, nutrition and ecology in 2122.

Biological samples will be lyophilized and sealed in an inert atmosphere in special glass ampoules (video below).

What biological material? DNA (venous blood-4ml), blood plasma (venous blood-4ml), blood serum (venous blood-6ml), saliva sample (1ml), stool sample (container), urine sample (container), hair sample (15–20 hairs), 4 cm long), nail sample (nails separately from each hand).

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