• Currently, due to the continued implementation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there is still no permission for foreign students to enter Russia in order to study, as well as to issue the invitations for visa students. The boarders are closed. And currently it's still unknown, when they will be opened. All students, who are abroad, should begin their education in a distance form.
• Lessons have already started on all courses. If you do not receive invitations to remote classes by e-mail - you need to contact the secretary of the dean or dean of the department via e-mail on this website: foreigndean.ru. All requests are recorded. Claims for lack of response and support in case of contacting through other forms, incl. employees' personal mail are not accepted.
• The University is not responsible in case of poor connection or problems with the Internet on your part, as well as if you do not use the provided communication opportunities through this site to solve organizational problems of remote education. In case of technical impossibility to attend distance learning classes on your part, we recommend that you notify us about this and write application form for dismission in order to prevent financial losses, since in this case education becomes impossible. Without this, we will dismiss the student for academic debts in accordance with the contract, but it will happen later, and you may lose your money.