Representatives of medical and technical universities discussed the prospects for joint participation in the Strategic Academic Leadership Program (PSAL), presented last month by Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education V.N.Falkov. The project is aimed at the development of research activities of universities. Universities, which can participate in this project, are selected by the program council -T.A.  Golikova.  At the same time, Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University are excluded from the project as these universities are developing according to individual programs.

 The main report summarizing the selection criteria for participation in the program was made by the head of  scientific research department M.B.  Khrustalev. 
 To take part in the program, the university must meet a number of criteria: integration with universities and research organizations;  joint development of educational programs by consortium members;  increase in publication activity; resource provision (at least 5% of the institution’s total budget should be allocated to science), internships of consortium employees at leading universities in the world, support for young scientists and talented students. The exchange of foreign scientific and pedagogical staff is also taken into account.
 The participants of meeting decided to form a working group in order  to participate in the program and proposed options for the name of the consortium.