The Russian Academy of Sciences 
The Health Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg 
The first St. Petersburg State Medical University. ac. IPPavlova Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 
ROO "Doctors of St. Petersburg" 
The scientific and practical journal "Obstetrics and Gynecology of St. Petersburg" 
National Association for Thrombosis and Hemostasis 
SPbGBUZ "Maternity home number 6 named. prof. V.F. Snegirev»

Time: 9: 00-18: 00, daily 
Venue: International Inn Park Inn Radisson Pribaltiyskaya, ul. Korablestroiteley Str. 14 
Contact person: Elena Malakhovskaya, tel .: +7 921 958 2991

The main directions of the conference program: 
International School of Hemostasis 
Plenary session: "Hemostasiological aspects of maternal mortality: from pathogenesis to personified therapy and prevention" 
Critical states: thrombosis and hemorrhages in obstetrics, multidisciplinary interaction 
Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and pathology of hemostasis: how to get out of the vicious circle? 
Controversial issues of antiphospholipid syndrome in obstetrical practice 
Early premature birth and placental dysfunction: from pathogenesis to perinatal outcomes 
Thrombophilia and thrombosis: personified risks 
White spots in the algorithm of hemostasis monitoring 
Thrombotic complications in hormonal therapy: are all problems solved? 
Violation of the hemostatic system and obstetric complications 
Noninvasive pregnancy: multifactorial approaches to preventing early reproductive losses 
Strategy and tactics of obstetrics: from classical obstetrics to modern technologies 
Master classes 
Rhesus Immunization Immunoprophylaxis Algorithms 
Complex monitoring of the functional state of the fetus with thrombophilia 
Application of integral tests for early diagnosis of hemostasis disorders